The series of images below must be the most important part of the project. In order to achieve realism on the model, you need to start collecting the right documentation as the very first strep. From the 3 basics diagrams for front, side and top views, to pictures of every details you plan to model on the helicopter. Colors, proportions and materials to be used is the key for the realism.

If you intend participate on competitions,  your static score would be based on the documentation you have to aid the judges to get the higher score. If you don't have the documentation you would get 0 points for those hard details that you spent hours of modeling.... trust me on that from experience. Beautiful models with no documentation = 0 points. I was fortunate to have the next 2 views provided to me by Peter Wells.

Front View


Side View



Top view coming up!

Now that I have the 3 mandatory views I need the color scheme for the subject. I was fortunate to get in touch with a gentleman at Air Walser, Mr. Luigi Castellano! Luigi is the Managing Director for Air Walser in Italy. Luigi have provided me with 100's of pictures of every detail to complete my mission. I must said without the outstanding support of Luigi, it  would be very hard to find all the details I need it to complete this model. My many thanks to you Luigi and Air Walser. See the following images to see some samples of the details I would need to model after.